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  St. James the Apostle Church
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Because of the continued growth of our parish, plans were made to build a chapel in the space to the right side of the church. As enrollment grew in St. James School, the Chapel Room in the Education Center was needed for the students and has now become the computer room . The rectory was short of office space, and our church was so crowded during the holidays that even in the overflow area there was no room. The chapel building fund was called “Let’s Walk With Christ into the 21st Century”.

The new chapel, which seats 100 people will be used for daily masses, small weddings and funerals and, of course, for the overflow crowds at Sunday and holiday services.  Our wish is to fill St. James Church and Chapel to the brim.

These are the highlights of our parish history. With the dedication of St. James the Apostle Church, and the “Chapel of Life”, our parish has reached several major milestones: events that each of us will treasure in the years ahead. It is our hope that this description of our beautiful church will give us all an even greater appreciation of this splendid House of Worship. It is truly a magnificent tribute to Almighty God which reflects the dedication and efforts of the outstanding individuals who have built our parish into the splendid institution it is.

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